Bad User Name or Password

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Ron H
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Bad User Name or Password

Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:56 am

I've been using MWP 6.54 for some time now and all has been fine and dandy. I last downloaded some EMails this morning and no problem. I return to the Computer this afternoon, load up MWP, hit "Check Mail" and it won't. Nothing has changed on the computer, but now I get the "Bad Authentication for Account *****, Bad User Name or Password" pop-up box. Been trying for a while now, in case it was a "server thing". The EMails show up on the BtYahoo Home Page, but can't download a thing from my main account in MWP, although the other EMail accounts "seem" OK. Something must have changed, (yes, I HAVE retyped my Password for that account...) but I'm at a loss.............

Cheers, Ron.

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