Registration after re-installation of MW 6.1

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Registration after re-installation of MW 6.1

Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:22 pm

Some time ago I had to re-install my Mailwasher 6.1 after I did a clean reinstall of Windows 7. Mailwasher worked fine until today, when it says I have to register with my code. (I believed I had done that, but obviously not). I now find I can't register Mailwasher - I key in the registration code, supply my name and e-mail address but then activation cannot be done, as it says there is a problem connecting to the activation server and I am told I am not connected to the internet. Without activating my registration code I can't now use my mailwasher.
Is there a problem at the Mailwasher server end? Is it just a coincidence that this happened on 1st January 2013, or can one no longer register MW 6.1?
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Re: Registration after re-installation of MW 6.1

Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:50 pm

Email support @ with your info and they will fix the problem.

You should really update to the final v6 release 6.54 as it has a lot of bug fixes compared to the older versions. That is the last release in the v6 series, new development is being done is the foolishly named MW 2010, aka 2011, aka 2012 and soon aka 2013 program.
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