Friends only filter

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Friends only filter

Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:25 am

We have recently been hit by a barrage of spam that apparently have an automatic change in the sending address. After several days I realized that I couldn't keep up by adding filters for sender addresses; they were constantly changing. The subjects, lower mortgage rates, get background info on anybody, contact them for access to $X,XXX that has just come my way, a surefire way to up my credit rating . . .and so forth.

I can block these pretty effectively in Thunderbird for my email by a filter to accept only addresses in my personal address book, with all others going to Trash. But I'm still faced with 50 or so of these irritating emails showing up in my Mailwasher (Pro 6.5.4), where I'll delete them when I have the time.


I realize that Mailwasher has its blacklist for identifying and intercepting this junk. Is there a way to setup a "negative blacklist" that is based on my friend's list so nothing else will display in Mailwasher?


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