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Message "Date exceeds maximum of [today date]"

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 5:49 pm
by SuperSandro
1) My PC is a Win XP SP3.
Some weeks ago, the PC's backup battery was exhausted and the casual-date was over 2034(!). I didn't realize the error but now, every time I turn on the PC, I set-up the correct date / time and then I work normally (I have no time to go to buy new back-up battery...).

2) MW works normally, but if I try to recycle bin, MW (6.51 version) shows the window "Date exceed maximum of [today date]" where [today date] is (every day) the correct date of the current day.

I think the error was caused by setting 2034 year and MW thinks that today is too far back in time.

I know I could solve the problem re-installing MW, but I have 18(!) e-mail accounts and I don't want re-setting all data-settings!

How can I solve the problem?