Mailwasher Pro 6.5 4 not showing up

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Mailwasher Pro 6.5 4 not showing up

Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:38 pm


I had this happen before but was able to get it working but this time I can't.

What happen was I was downloading to many things at once and Firefox was not responding and I went to close it after very long wait and again not it was not responding. Then any on the PC go t doing the responding. After 30 min's I clicked shut down and after about another 20 min's I used the power button to shut down.
After starting back up all was OK but like before with bad Mailwasher shut down when it loads it will show up in the task manager but you can not see Mailwasher.

I use Mailwasher in XP Pro under a limited user account. I can open it and see under the other Admin account but it's not set up to check mail.
Anyhow last time once I open Mailwasher in the Admin account and went back to other user account I could open and see it again but not this time.

So are files made or temp files not deleted someplace that need to get cleaned up that can fix this.

Also a reinstall does not help because it runs but just not showing up in the one use account.

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