Processed emails still on Mailwasher page

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Processed emails still on Mailwasher page

Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:56 am

I'm using Mailwasher Pro 6.5.4 and Windows Live Mail (Windows 7) on a Compaq laptop.

When I process my email messages, and send them to the Live Mail page, the messages still remain on the Mailwasher Pro page. (On my old PC, they used to disappear from Mailwasher's page once I sent them to Outlook Express.)

If I get a new email message, the old messages are still on the Mailwasher page unless I manually click "delete" and then click "process mail".

I've already gone into Windows Live Mail and unchecked the box about keeping my messages on the server, which was information I found in the FAQ section.

How do I get Mailwasher to automatically delete the messages once I've processed them and sent them to my Live Mail page?


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