Email flagging inconsistent

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Email flagging inconsistent

Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:46 am

Sorry, this should have been posted under Mailwasher 7, not 5 & 6. I can't see how to move it.

1: If I select a set of emails and then use right click to select "Mark as spam" the whole set remains selected when the action is complete. If I do the same but select "Add sender to blacklist" or "Add domain to blacklist" the whole set is deselected apart from the first email of the set after the action is completed. Why is this?

2: Some emails can't be flagged as either "Add sender to blacklist" or "Add domain to blacklist". Why is this?

3: Some emails can't be flagged as blacklisted or as spam and can only be flagged to delete. Why is this?

The above make it more time consuming to deal with emails - anybody got any ideas?

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