Playing online games frequently is a good Girls’ hobby

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Playing online games frequently is a good Girls’ hobby

Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:49 pm

Many people have a question in their minds: "do girls really play online games"? Hearing this, the very first thought that comes to my mind is why it is a question at all. Are online games only restricted to boys alone? How can gender define a hobby at all? Though the interest in games may vary, there is an overwhelming majority of the girl’s gang who are involved in playing online games.

Playing games is a good girls’ hobby.

Games for girls now don’t just stop at finding top high rated free and online sports games to play. After all, it’s a good girl’s hobby and why should boys have all the fun? This is the notion that every girl who loves to play online games has in their minds.

The Trend between Girls and Games

Gone are the days when women were stereotyped to stay aloof of gaming platforms. Nowadays playing online games is a trend and there is nothing wrong in that in any way. In reality, the number is huge, but the industry fails to realize that a majority of the online players are girls. According to a research by the Internet Advertising Bureau, it was found that about 52% of the online game players constitute women though it may seem like a surprise to many.

Show the love for games!

Girls have always been into playing games and their love for playing games has increased over the years with the advancement of mobile gaming industries. For girls who love to play online games, it’s just simple games they would have played as a teenager and thus they do not find any reasons to boast about it.

They have contributed to some of the other ways to get the gaming industry booming and growing at a faster pace. One of the most popular games that girls enter are top coolest free online multiplayer sports games - play with no download.

Numbers Are Not Always the Truth

Though there has been a rise in the female players for online games, the industry is yet to add more female character players to their games. Mobile gaming no longer has bare visibility. And, talking about females, yes, there are a lot many active players who have to disguise themselves in a male character and play the games with equal flair and confidence that a boy will do. However, the vice versa is also true more often than not.

Tighten up your friendship!

Gaming culture must not have witnessed female players in yesteryears, but things have changed a lot. Those were good old days when gaming was supposed to be a boy’s right, but now there is a slight twist to the story. Now it’s high time to change the mindset with the increase in the number of girl gamers.

For girls who love joining a sports match with your friends, check this: Multiplayer Sports Games Free Online - Sport Game With No Download.

So the fact remains that yes, girls do play online games; the only thing is that you may not hear them playing. They are the silent players but not invisible in any case. They prefer to play alone in solace and by will or no will, many times they have to take up a male character due to lack of female players created by the game masters and creators. But, Female online players do exist and that too in a big number, and they play more keenly than the boys.
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It's possible they are having some temporary issues.

In the interim you could try the following and see if it's more stable.

Open a Command Prompt ... -windows-8
Type ping and hit ENTER
In the first line of the reply you'll see an IP address e.g. make a note of this
In MailWasher in the Incoming account settings, change the server address from to the IP address you receive back

If it does not make a difference, set MailWasher back to the regular

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