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MAILWASHER GURUS - please help: Maiwasher Pro 6.5.4 Paid Version is not BOUNCING

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:15 am
by AngelaIN
Maiwasher Pro 6.5.4 Paid Version is not BOUNCING

This is my second post trying to get an answer. All settings are absolutely correct for my two domains. They have been checked by Mailwasher support. I've sent myself
test messages from my domains, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Tried to bounce all. Mailwasher shows them as bounced in the Recycle bin, but they never are bounced
back to me.

I have a stalker. I want to bounce his emails only and the product I paid for -albeit years ago is not working. Please advise how to get this product to work.
Worked fine on my old computer. Settings are exactly the same, and correct, as mentioned above. Also tried alternative SMTP settings per other other forum posts, to no avail.

Desperately seeking a guru to help.