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Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:57 am


Brand new user and so far I love the program. :mrgreen: I had downloaded the free (trial) version of mailwasher and it worked great so I purchased the full, pro, version. I am looking for the option for automatically deleting spam from the server mail box without me having to 'process' the email. I was under the impression it was available with the registered product. Am I just missing it in the settings or is it not an option.

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Re: Auto-Delete

Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:17 am

Jim Deer wrote:Am I just missing it in the settings or is it not an option.
It's an option. There are just a lot more settings in the Pro version.

Go to the top task bar and choose "Settings" (the clipboard icon). In the window that opens, on the left menu, at the bottom is "Spam Tools." Choose "My Filters."

Choose the filter on the list you want to do an autodelete. Either double click it or hit the "edit" button.
Check the box that says, "Mark the email for deletion." That will un-gray the buttons to choose "Automatically."

Then hit "okay," and "okay" again.

I wouldn't recommend choosing that except in the case of the most specific filters, ones you have tested for a while with "on process mail" for a while to pick up unintended false positives.
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Re: Auto-Delete

Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:34 am

It can't be stressed too much: You need to be absolutely certain what is being deleted is only what you want! Once the email is gone from your ISP's server it's gone! We hear both sides of this problem all the time. You want it gone until you lose an important piece of email. Just be certain with lots of testing before you do a blind delete.
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Re: Auto-Delete

Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:43 am

Also be very picky what you let auto delete, letting the source of spam tool auto delete can work fine for years and one day ZAP every incoming message you get is auto deleted.

Don't let the blacklist auto delete if you do anything but manually add verified bad addresses, spammers steal good addresses and forge them onto spam and if you let something add that good address to your e-mail bye-bye good mail.

I don't use auto delete myself, I want to see my incoming spam and report some of it to using the MW tool. Skipping auto delete isn't a big deal since I sort incoming mail by status, that lets me click, shift-click to select a block of spam and then mark them for learning and deletion with a single click.

You mentioned being new so you may not have seen this on bouncing, it is worth a read before you try it. ... ncing_Spam

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