MailWasher old version links and sending a debug file

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MailWasher old version links and sending a debug file

Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:14 pm

In troubleshooting MailWasher, it is common for a debug file to be requested. To create and send a debug file please do the following steps.

In MailWasher click Help >> About >> enable Extended Logging and also open the link provided to the folder where MailWasher stores the data files >> click OK to close the dialog >> make whatever problem you are having happen, ideally 2-3 times >> exit MailWasher so it is not running >> back in the folder you opened earlier look for a file called mailwasherpro_debug.txt and email this to forum* (replacing * with@)

Also include a link to the forum post that is relevant to your problem.

Here are some links to older versions of MailWasher if they are desired.

MailWasher Pro 5.3

MailWasher Pro 6.0.4 ... _6.0.4.exe

MailWasher Pro 6.1 ... ro_6_1.exe

MailWasher Pro 6.2 ... ro_6.2.exe

MailWasher Pro 6.3 ... ro_6.3.exe

MailWasher Pro 6.4 ... ro_640.exe

MailWasher Pro 6.5.1 ... ro_651.exe

MailWasher Pro for Mac and Linux (no longer in development, as is where is) ... 26.pkg.sit

Fedora ... 4.i386.rpm

Mandrake ... 1.i386.rpm

SuSe ... 0.i586.rpm ... 2.i586.rpm

Linspire ... _lin50.deb

Kubuntu 6.04 ... 0_i386.deb

Kubuntu 6.10 ... 0.i386.deb

Xandros ... s_i386.deb

Other ... 7.i586.rpm

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