Pop-up boxes not fully expanding

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Student Sheep
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Pop-up boxes not fully expanding

Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:03 am

I have just noticed this problem whilst adding an address to my blacklist under Mailwasher Free v 6.5.4 .

The pop-up box for Blacklist options does not expand large enough for me to be able to view any action options which have now become hidden from view and the bottom arrow key of the blacklist scroll bar is also hidden from view .

The action options in this box used to be available and all viewanle but are not now for some reason

I am unable to resize the box by dragging the window and wondrer if anyone knows why this has happened and how to resolve the problem


PS other pop-up boxes also have various text / buttons / tick boxes cut off past the edge of the box with no means of scrolling or expanding the area to view the missing items

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