Cannot add email account to MW Free

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Cannot add email account to MW Free

Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:32 am

This is weird. I installed MW Free about a week ago and all went well. As I recall, it even pulled the user parameters from Eudora without my asking. It worked well. Then trouble started.

My XP system went crazy. I could not log on under any user account. It started, then immediately logged off. So I was forced to restore my boot drive (C:) with an image about three weeks old. My programs are all on D:.

Now I can't install MW again. It didn't pick up any parameters from Eudora so I added my details - POP, SMTP, PW, etc. Clicked OK on the final screen and the account was listed under "Email Accounts." Then I clicked "Check Mail." Error: there are no email accounts set up. Sure enough, it's gone.

So I uninstalled MW, including removing the setup data and checked the directory. It's gone. I reinstalled from scratch with the same results. No email accounts set up.

So it looks like the setup procedure failed to actually save the data that I entered. What's happening?

Now that I think about it, setup didn't ask me for my Spamcop details, either.

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