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The Future of MailWasher

Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:37 am

We've just re-released MailWasher Pro 6.3 for both English and German speaking customers.

We had to re-release the english version to fix up the display of foreign character sets, and update the German version from 6.2 with fixes to language stuff.

This release of MailWasher Pro is intended to be the final release for this generation as we move to rewrite MailWasher Pro from the ground up.

This is necessary because we've struggled to give customers the features they've wanted and fix bugs in a timely manner, plus as Microsoft releases new versions of Windows it's not been an easy road to release a fully compatible MailWasher with the new Windows release.

In many respects it will still be the same program you've come to know and work with every day, but 'under the hood' it will be a very different program.

Changes you'll see:
* Speed improvements
* Customization options - large fonts, icons etc
* multilingual capabilities
* Improvements to usability and spam detection
* The features you've asked for, but we've not been able to deliver - there are so many of these
* Better compatibility with future versions of Windows
* Easier to setup

As we've always promised, the new version will still be free to existing registered users.

Work has already begun, and we're making good progress - we'll release beta versions on the website from time to time which people will be able to try.

For those of you with a technical background, we're writing the backend in cross platform C++ so we'll also be able to create a version for Mac's if there's enough interest. And we're using WPF for the user interface and this allows us to do lots of nice things in Windows since it's a Microsoft technology.

Development work is not just relegated to MailWasher Pro, we're currently re-writing all our existing software with scalability, speed, cross platform and usability in mind.

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