B9 and Bigpond's POP3 Live

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B9 and Bigpond's POP3 Live

Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:32 pm

Hi folks,

I accidentally clicked a link that transferred my Bigpond emails to outlook.com. Apparently this can't be undone. I'm able to see my emails using MWP 6.5.4 (I have a valid licence for the latest MWP but prefer this one). I have a severe spinal problem - hence a dodgy clicking figure :)

Before this dull mistake I have been happily (and gratefully) using B9 for many years on various windoze OS including WIN 7 PRO 64 (current).

I let B9 make its changes to my Outlook 2007 (mail client) account and updated the ports according to Bigpond's config advice. The mail servers are POP3.LIVE.COM and SMTP.LIVE.COM.

My account (after B9's processing) is my-email.pop3.live.com.b9 but I'm unable to get my emails off the server.

I modified the HOST file (as ADMIN) so it reads as follows:
# Begin B9 pop3.live.com.b9 pop3.my2ndisp.com.b9 # End B9

# Begin B9
# End B9
If I remove the trailing B9 from my pop3 address then I can send/receive test emails from my email account.


Is there any work-around that might sort out my self caused problem or do I need to stop using B9?

Any and all help gratefully received.

Kindest regards
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Re: B9 and Bigpond's POP3 Live

Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:15 pm

Repost it in the following link. You should receive a reply there.


I am only a ßeta Tester and getting older as well.

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