mail server management and non inergration

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mail server management and non inergration

Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:18 am

Hi I have just downloaded Pro after using a couple of other progs for anti spam. I like your product as it takes notice of spams and senders I do not want emails from. Two things I would like to comment upon and suggest. There are going to be pro's and con's and maybe I have not noticed something.

Question Why seemingly stop short by not deleting and bouncing the senders I have declared black in the server ?

The reason I ask this is that emails are important to my activity private and profession and have had to reset thunderbird to harvest very ten minutes because unlike some progs yours is not integrated and harvests every three minutes.

Due to the timings I may not be at my machine every time thunderbird harvests and at present your prog is still waiting for my manual interaction to "sort mail"

Question Why is your prog not interactive so as to prevent or manage thunderbird harvesting ?

Thanks have a great holiday Paul

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