Suggestion - Announcement of Slow Forum Response Times

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Suggestion - Announcement of Slow Forum Response Times

Tue Jan 16, 2024 7:58 am

In the last couple of weeks, this Forum has been very slow to respond. I was concerned that perhaps one of my security extensions was targeting this site by mistake. I had an issue a couple of months ago where my Bitdefender Anti-Tracker extension was interfering with the full display of a commercial website I visit to order online.

I was about to go to the time and effort of trying to find out what the problem was at MY end.

Today, I saw a post in the MWP7 Forum on another topic, in which the OP casually mentioned: "Oh, by the way, this site has been very slow." That was acknowledged by a staff member, who reported that the cause was under investigation.

May I respectfully suggest that the news of this issue be posted as an Announcement? That Announcement can be deleted when the problem is identified and resolved. It would possibly save users from wondering whether the issue is on their end. Transparency is always appreciated.

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I did not even know that this Sub-Forum existed because I only read the Announcement and MWP7 Forums and never scroll down to the bottom of the page. I decided to look today to see where I might post this suggestion and found this Forum.
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