Mailwasher PRO / Free Problems

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Mailwasher PRO / Free Problems

Postby Anthraquinone Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:12 pm

I have just looked at Mailwasher Free / Pro and have a couple of problems / comments

A google search for Mailwasher free took me to
From there is next link is to
which is then redirects me to ... ag=mncol;1
from where a installer is download
this then downloads the program !!! What a fuss !! I just wanted the program. WHY NOT A DIRECT DOWNLOAD :yuck

When installing something called application 284 or 248 tried to access internet but I blocked that with mu own firewall (see next point) :yuck . Then another application tried to access the internet as well :facepalm - I do not remember the name.

During the actual installation you tried to install an unwanted Zone alarm fire wall onto my PC and also to hijack my search engine to Zonealarm !!! I know you do not like piracy but trying to hijack my machine is just as bad. Your express installation should be CLEAN do not hide these "extras" in it. If I wanted the Zonealarm rubbish I would have got it for myself. If it is not you doing this but CNET is why on earth are you using them.

What is going on. This is a very good way to lose customers and I am probably going to uninstall your program any way just because of this set up nonsense.. Also I seen to have the pro version installed for three months. Having read about the PRO features first I already know I do not need them. I just wanted the free version and to try that :rant

Having gone through all that and now having the (unwanted) pro version on my PC I have finally got round to the two questions I wanted answered.

1) Why is Mailwasher downloading a selection of the read mails stored on ISPs server and not only the new unread ones which are all I want to see. Is this behaviour changeable. I only want to see my new emails.

2) How do I get to the Free version to try it. As I said I do not want or need the PRO features. Do I just have to wait for three months :scratch

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Re: Mailwasher PRO / Free Problems

Postby seanlennof Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:31 am

Did the admins get back with you on this?
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Re: Mailwasher PRO / Free Problems

Postby TrustFire Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:19 am

I don't think so - since it was posted in the wrong section.
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