PopPeeper functions versus MWP 2010

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PopPeeper functions versus MWP 2010

Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:18 pm

I have used PopPeeper for many years just to check out my various Hotmail accounts.

I have used MWP for many more years than PopPeeper to check out my ISP accounts.

Whilst MWP 2010 has **FINALLY** addressed the annoyance of reading incoming e'mails in MWP & **NOT** having them suddenly disappear when MWP goes to see if there is any more mail for me - it STILL has the annoyance [which PopPeeper does NOT inflect on me] of telling me that I have got "X" number of NEW e'mails waiting me - when I have already seen them - but either not deleted them - or failed to transfer them to my e'mail reading/writing program.

An example? Well {say} I have 5 e'mails in MWP that ought to be read & actioned - maybe I read them & will decide later IF I will download them - but I don't do any action.

Then - maybe I switch off the computer & come back later and AGAIN - I'm told by MWP 2010 of the "new" arrival of these 5 e'mails. :crazy

PopPeeper has a built in "learning brain" - so I ONLY get told when there REALLY are new e'mails.

Why can't MWP really "learn" that I've seen the messages *&* only advise for genuine NEW messages. :thumbsdown

I must say that MWP 2010 is very effective in labelling SPAM - but I wish it would delete it without user intervention - dangerous? Yes maybe - but time saving and I put my trust in its effectiveness at finding crap mail that I would rather not be bothered with!

Lastly - can we have a choice of TASK BAR icon please. 2010 icon is so very similer to to Peerblock's ! I rather liked the "old" drainhole - there was no chance of mistaking it for any other program that I have seen.
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Re: PopPeeper functions versus MWP 2010

Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:50 am

You posted this to the forum for problems with the forum web server...

There are forums for MW down a ways where more folks might see your post, not many view this forum.
I am not a Firetrust employee just a MW user.
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