Need more to combat junk

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Need more to combat junk

Mon Nov 07, 2022 8:05 am

I would like to see more. It seems like using mailwasher gets me even more junk.
I would like to see
1) more ways to report junk mail... offered up front so we can find it easily and add to the reporting function.
2) better bouncing
3) ways to use reporting to send email to phishing reporting services like;;;;;;

So I do not have to do it manually. I could create an email folder and put all the phishing emails in it.

Do the bouncing emails actually look like what a real bounce looks like?
For instance, Outlook will change links to supposed safe links in emails. Do the bouncing emails send IPS modified emails or the actual emails.

I seem to constantly get multiple emails from the same domain and often emails to all my alias on a certain email provider.

This needs to be more active and more streamlined... I Have been using Mailwasher Pro for at least a decade... it helps sort through email quicker and I love the filters... but would like to see it more pro-active in stopping junk... or analyzing headers to show spoofed addresses... and how people send emails with no sender... etc.

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