MailWasher doesn't block SPAM

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MailWasher doesn't block SPAM

Mon May 22, 2023 6:02 am

Hi there, I'm using MW since a few weeks and it does recognise every spam mail I receive (a lot!) but it doesn't block it. Is that correct? Sorry, I'm a dummy :oops:
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Re: MailWasher doesn't block SPAM

Mon May 22, 2023 11:56 am

Hi there! no it wont actually block it if your email program is set to auto check for new mail, you'd need to disable that function in your email program if this is what is occurring...

The basics of what Mailwasher does is this.

When someone sends you an email it is first received by your Internet Service Providers email server. It is held there until you start up your email
program, (Outlook, or some other program) which then looks on this server and downloads all your email, spam or not.

What Mailwasher does is to log onto that email server and download just a small text only portion of each email. This lets you look at each one and
see if it is a spam or a real email. You can then choose to delete or keep the email and when you use your email program to download your email, all
the spam has already been deleted.

Normally this is how you would use Mailwasher Pro with your email program,

* Open MailWasher
* Click, Check Mail,
* Mark your email for deletion or keeping,
* Click Wash Mail,
* Then you open, (or Mailwasher Opens ) your email program,
* Click Send/Receive in there to check for new mail like normal.

Note also, you can click Help>>Help Topics in MWPro to see details on how to use MWPro.

OR our FAQ's here: ... -questions

And you can see the startup tutorial via View>>Tutorial Video from within MWPro also.

There are also some good tips on using MWPro here: ... and-tricks

And here: ... art-1.html

Any problems, please let me know.

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