problem with windows live mail

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problem with windows live mail

Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:47 pm

Getting in a muddle here, for years I ran firetrust MW alongside WLM, but for some reason first off MW couldn't connect to Sky server or wash mail to WLM. On trying to correct this I found that Microsoft may have cut WLM adrift and this could be the problem. I downloaded a new email prog...eM client just because the reviews said it was easy to set up and it looked a little like WLM. Someone was telling porkies because I am finding it impossible to set up, it refuses to go collect any mail and doesn't have anything at all to do with MW. Who would you recommend I use as I don't want to lose MW Pro but although it fetches the mail there is nowhere I can send it to.
Probably something simple but as a novice I cannot see it. Help would be appreciated.
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Re: problem with windows live mail

Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:30 am

Hi Susan

ThunderBird possibly.
WLM is still usable though you're right, it's not being updated any more, I suspect the issues with that and the Sky account were/are some kind of temp glitch.

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