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user interface question

Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:15 am

I was using the free version of Mailwasher for many years and decided to pay for the pro version. When I did that, it updated the version I had been using to the latest version. I liked the old version user interface much better. In the new version, my mail is sorted out into various categories like today, yesterday, last week, etc. I want to see everything sorted together so that when i chose sort by Delete Status, all the spam notes get moved to the top and friends are lumped together. Now Spam is in multiple places: today, yesterday, last week. How can I remove the "time" factor and just sort everything in one category. The other inefficiency is that I use to see a column which let me bounce mail from the main interface. Now I have to open a spam message up in order to note that it should be bounced. That is just an extra step that is ridiculous to make us go through. If I have a message identified as spam, why should I have to preview the mail just to bounce it. That is just idiotic.

How can I get A) the sort to not have a day dependency and B) get the bounce checkbox back on the main window?

Thank you.
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Re: user interface question

Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:50 am

Hi there

If you right click on the Received column heading, uncheck Group By Received >> that will remove the emails being grouped into those categories.

For the bounce, we don't recommend this be used anymore for spam messages, just for letting legitimate people think your email does not exist. So we no longer have the bounce column. The hotkey B should work though on selected messages.


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