6.3 filter trouble

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6.3 filter trouble

Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:29 am

Just loaded 6.3 and all is well except I can't edit my filters. For some reason the rules got changed from "or" to "and" on some of my filters.
1. When I try to edit the filters and change the rules to "any" (or any change or new filter for that matter) when I hit "OK" another popup says "If you want and emailed summary..........." (which I do not).
2. When I hit "OK" on that one I get another popup saying "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window".
3. When I hit "OK" on that one it leaves the "enable recycle bin" screen up (which I do not have checked).
4. When I hit "OK" on that screen it starts around with step # 1 again.
5. The only way to get out of the loop is to cancel the "If you want an emailed summary.........." screen.
6. That leaves the filter that I am trying to edit like it was before.

Can you help?

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Re: 6.3 filter trouble

Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:46 pm

You may want to try an uninstall and reinstall with a fresh download and see if it helps. Nobody has reported issues similar to yours so I suspect your install got corrupted.
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