error message D627

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error message D627

Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:32 am


I have been using Mailwasher since version 1 and have found it to be a 'must have'.

Since its release I have used ver. 6.3 in association with Thunderbird but in the last couple of days have been getting "Critical error message D627". On some occasions simply clicking "OK" to the error will make it go away for minutes or hours but on other occasions the message instantly reappears, forcing the tree-finger-shuffle to close the application or sometimes a reboot.

An explanation of the error would be the first step in finding a cure, so can anyone translate please?
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Re: error message D627

Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:51 am

Hi John

Cryptic Errors D627 are problems within the Learning, I forget the exact nature of the message, the cryptic errors put in by the programmers were always somewhat....well...cryptic I guess. Not that's relevant, but any 'cryptic' error is something that we haven't catered for, the number refers to whereabouts in the code.

So it's basically MailWasher saying, something odd has happened and I'm not sure what.

Moving along though.

In MW click Help >> About >> open the link to where the data files are stored >> go back and close MW >> in the folder you just opened look in the "Training" folder and delete TrainingMA.dat >> restart MailWasher and it will rebuild this file.

Should that not help, then repeat the above, but instead of going into the "Training" folder, rename it to something like "Training_old" >> restart MW >> this will mean you'd need to retrain MW which messages are good and bad, but this doesn't take long, 100 emails or so....and it should stop the errors


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