no comprendo

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no comprendo

Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:25 am

I'm a two-week old MailWasherPro user <v 2011.1.0.50> on a Windows7. I've done this before, so I don't understand why it failed to work today.

I run Mailwasher, check the choices (I'm still training some subtleties) and run the wash. I am under the impression that this actually effected the mail on my server. I closed mailwasher and opened a couple programs, including my email (EudoraOSE). I downloaded my email, but instead of the washed version, I got the full ~250 download, not sorted or washed.

I expect the obvious fix is to immediately download the washed mail. But that tells me the washed/filtered email is not server-based nor has a "download" been made and stored for my interface with the server. Why was I getting only the washed mail before this (after closing Mailwasher) but not this time? I'm interested to know because I want to understand how this really works.

I have a second question: I've not found anywhere I can enter key words to include in the filtering. Does that exist?
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Re: no comprendo

Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:35 am

You really should ask that in the MW 2010-2011 support forum.

Did you get an error indication (error tab) during the wash process?

If you wash the mail in MW and then do another check are the messages gone after the second check completes?

Once MW has deleted the mail from the server it is gone from the server and won't be downloaded by any other program after that point. Some ISPs have multiple servers and if you connect to one to wash and another to fetch the mail there can be issues with the two servers not being in sync. Also if you have automatic mail checking running in your e-mail program it can download the mail before MW has a chance to delete it.

Filtering, open the settings tab, open the spam tools page, click on filtering and add any filters you want, many good examples in the MW 2010-2011 forum.
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