Unwanted Emails...

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Unwanted Emails...

Sat May 06, 2023 7:06 pm

Dear Reader ,

Im new and my english isn't great but i do my best. Im a Outlook email user and get spammed all over by emails from .xyz :cry , This is so annoying i was looking for a better email app and yes i find it here but... How can i get those "unwanted mails" or "ongewenste emails" as it called in flamish visible on this great Mailwasher because i see only "normal" (wanted?) mails get vissible on this app so i can't ban or harrash :evil: the .xyz not with the (automatic) message "fake" one there was a fault or bounce as you say? I really want those mails vissible on Mailwasher so i can harash them back over and over again as they did and still do. I get at least 35 spam mails from .xyz and it driving me crazy :crazy ... sorry to say but if i don't want them and they keep me bullying me with it without my permission then for me its a bit "PAYBACK" time by sending them the message as you say something went wrong and so on? Please tell me how i can get the "unwanted" mails from outlook also vissible on Mailwasher? Thank you very very much for the help and again sorry for my bad english. By the way... GREAT GREAT APP !!! Charles.

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