Repeated Spam

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Repeated Spam

Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:29 am

This has probably been answered in the past, but,
I receive 60-95 Spams a day, and at least 6-10 of them daily are from some guy named "Edward" with a different URL after the @.

My mailwatcher-pro version has him listed as "Probably Spam". Is there any way for Mailwatcher-Pro to automatically delete/classify as Spam so I don't have to keep entering "him" on my "Add to Blacklist", "Add the Domain", and "Mark for Reporting" ? There are other spam that do this out there, I just need a simpler method.

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Re: Repeated Spam

Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:34 am

You could use private messaging to send me the spam/headers and I could make suggestions. I wouldn't make anything automatic if the only criteria for recognizing these is that the "from" email address starts with "edward." There is too much chance of your receiving valid emails with that type of address sometime in the future. The spammer forging "edward@" addresses will probably move on to some other pattern soon, too. (Let me guess -- the ED Pill Store? Some spammer that mails for that brand is incredibly stupid and has extremely repetitive spams that are easy for spam filters to recognize.)

The Mailwasher blacklist is a waste of time for spam nowadays, especially for blacklisting whole domains. Spammers almost always forge the email addresses in the "from" field. (You don't have to send an email from the same account in the "from" address -- people use different addresses all the time for valid reasons, like wishing to have separate email addresses for business and personal email, but using the same computer to check both.) If you add every spam to your blacklist, you'll end up with a huge list that slows down your computer. And the only addresses you're likely to see twice are things like ebay and amazon that spammers forge because they figure people will have them whitelisted.

If you're using MailwasherPro (the paid version), the Bayesian analysis recognizes repeated patterns and labels them as probable spam without requiring you to create a permanent filter.

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