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Version Released

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:55 am
by nick.bolton
[New] New design
[New] Bayesian filtering to recognize good and spam email via training
[New] SPF for bypassing greylisting of legitimate email
[New] Wildcards ? and * can be used in Whitelist, Blacklist, email bypass screens
[New] Report spam via URL in email body to train bayesian filters
[New] Import whitelist, blacklist, filter and bypass emails from text or XML file
[New] Edit whitelist, blacklist, domains, email bypass
[New] Tooltips where needed for context sensitive help
[New] Bypass email addresses screen to ignore filtering on email addresses or domains
[New] Include reason for blocking option in non-deliverable message
[New] Login screen setting to allow timeout to expire login or not to expire login
[New] Housekeeping - days to keep quarantined emails in the database
[New] Change body length preview when mousing over email in Quarantine
[Fix] Miscellaneous bug fixes