Version 2.71 released

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Version 2.71 released

Postby nick.bolton Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:42 pm

Haven't updated these for a while.

Changes in 2.71 - 29th July 2009

* Added actual from address in header for more accurate filtering.
* Added registry entry to not check domains. 'use_check_domains=1' by default, if =0 then doesn't check domains.
* Now allows local lan addresses to send outgoing.
* Now works with any version of CentOS.

Changes in 2.7 - 23rd June 2009

* Added individual quarantine login (multiuser)
* Improved layout of whitelists, blacklist etc
* Faster quarantine access
* Added domain input screen to prevent open relays

Changes in 2.6.11 - 2nd June 2009

* Replaces Microsoft STL with STLport which fixes some crashes with malformed emails

Changes in 2.6.10 - 28th May 2009

* Auto add to friends list for delivered email for grey listing.
* Stats updated includes grey listing totals.
* Lots of bug fixes.

Changes in 2.69 - 15th May 2009

* Whitelist changed to case-insensitive.
* URL RBL support added.
* Fixed some screen formatting.

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