Version 2.74 released

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Version 2.74 released

Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:07 am

A number of fixes and new features in this version.

* Quarantine screens now show Next/Previous links to move through screen pages.
* Blacklist IP addresses screen added.
* Correctly handles foreign character sets in quarantine screen.
* Body of email is displayed as a tooltip when mouse hovers over subject. In Registry/config file: 'view_body_max=200' where 200 equals the number of characters to display. This can be changed to a larger number if desired.
* Changed color of grid lines to be more readable.
* Version update message is shown when a new version is available
* Improved status messages if correctly or incorrectly configured
* Added lite version of SPF. In Registry/config file: 'use_spf=0' which means it is off by default. If it is set = 1, slightly more spam may sneak through but email will be delivered more quickly as it's less likely to greylisted.
* Fix: Allow cram-md5 for iPhones
* Registry/config file name changes: hostname -> web_hostname, port -> web_port, mta_hostname -> proxy_hostname, mta_port -> proxy_port, mta_relay_hostname -> mta_hostname, mta_relay_port -> mta_port

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