Version 2.78 Released

MailWasher Enterprise specific news.
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Version 2.78 Released

Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:15 am

11 August 2010

* Feature: Digest reporting - users can be sent an email every X hours showing them which email has been quarantined and rescue it from within the digest email.
* Feature: Email tracking - trace emails sent through MWES and see if they were delivered, blocked or otherwise.
* Feature: Trusts IP's - Allows mail from a specific IP address to be passed through without any checks. (Sometimes called a Relay Address or Relay Client)
* Feature: System Configuration Screen - No more editing files or registry settings.
* Fix: Improvements to grey listing
* Many more fixes

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.

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