The New MailWasher Enterprise Server

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The New MailWasher Enterprise Server

Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:10 pm

We're please to announce the official release of MailWasher Enterprise Server, the completely rewritten successor to our existing open source antispam server version.

The new MailWasher Enterprise Server (MWE) antispam software is based on the same code we use in our back-end systems for processing large volumes of spam in real-time so it's proven under load, light on resources, easy to maintain and will allow us to quickly make changes and add features which people want.

Being multithreaded and able to take advantage of multi-core processors, on a mid-range machine MWE easily handles 4000 emails a minute , and due to the way it is designed scaling is not a problem, MWE can talk to many mail servers or vice-versa.

This first release doesn't yet contain all the features of the old OSS version. Specifically it's missing per-user quarantine (it has global quarantine which individual users can still access), Active Directory, and Bayesian stats. We'll add these things in soon, along with other requirements.

Currently we're adding in custom filters so you can add in filters to block specific things using text or regular expressions. We're also working on MS Exchange 2007 compatibility (what fun it is to get that environment up and running).

Incidentally, we're using the same C++ standard code across rewrites of all our products which also makes them cross platform.

Over time we'll deprecate the existing OSS version. Due to the way it was designed, it experienced occasional stability problems. Trying to add new features or fix problems became difficult and it was frustrating for customers and ourselves. Existing OSS version users will be able to use their FirstAlert! account details to activate MWE and will be encouraged to migrate to it over time.

We're releasing this as version 2.5 since this gives people a clear indication it supercedes the last OSS version 2.3.4

MWE comes with a 30 day trial, after which companies can buy an annual user license.

MWE can be downloaded from ... ise_server


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