Emails not being scanned

Well, it's up and running, but I'm not sure if it's doing what it should.
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Emails not being scanned

Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:24 am

Hi Guys,
Upgraded from the old free version because it wasn't scanning emails but appeared to be working ok.
New version doesn't scan them either, so we must have messed up a setting somewhere back in October.

The program service and everything all look ok,
Below is part of the startup log, the "bind failed" error message at the bottom is possibly the problem but not sure what it means.
We are using Exchange 2003, SBS 2003

Thanks for any clues...

2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: starting mwes version 2.7.4 {W}
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: environment....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: cfs_max_cache_size::20000
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: database_location::C:\Program Files\MailWasher Enterprise Server\data
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: default_page::Quarantined.srv
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: Starting StatThread....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: Starting FilterManagerThreads....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [2768] Info: Starting TaskThread....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: Starting UploadManagerThread....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [5980] Info: Starting MTA proxy....
2009-12-31 09:08:30 [3312] Error: ListenTCPSocketThread::ObjectThreadMethod - SocketException - Listen - bind() failed with code 10013: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.
2009-12-31 09:08:40 [5980] Info: Starting HouseKeepingTask....
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Re: Emails not being scanned

Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:10 am

Hi Jonathan, sorry this post hasn't been answered yet. I'll get someone on to it soon.
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Re: Emails not being scanned

Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:54 pm

Hi Jonathan,

Your symptoms are indicating that Exchange has not relinquished the SMTP port.

MWES now functions as a proxy, not as a condiut as in previous version. This enables MWES to be far more effecient, and compatable with 99% of MTA's with out specific configuration.

Can you please double check the following settings:
1) Exchange SMTP Port has been moved (usually to 26), and has released port 25.
2) Your MWES configuration points the correct IP address for your Exchange . Leaving it blank by default will often be more than enough.
3) Your MWES configuration has the right ports setup - typically listening on 25 (Proxy port), and MTA port.

We're more than happy to have a look at your server if you need further assistance.

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