Problems/tips/tricks with MailWasher Enterprise, Windows and Exchange
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Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:53 pm

So, finally finished the migration from sbs2003 to 2008 (mostly went ok).

As per my post below I decided to put the 2003 exchange server back to its default before the migration. All went well and now have emails flowing through to the new sbs2008 server.

Now to install mwes, as per your tip it should be a simple case of installing and then coping the mwes.db file.

Following the installation instructions I have

tested outside the building that I can telnet on port 25 done
disabled the default and sbs internet receive connectors
tested that port 25 had been dropped on the server IP address
tested that port 25 could be telnetted on

set the mwes proxy hostname to the ip address of the server port 25
set the mta hostname as on port 25
set the web hostname as the same as the proxy hostname on port 4044

run a system check everthing passed

telnet outside of the building to port 25 no connection............... have I missed something, also bit confused as port 26 doesn't come in to the equation any more.

Currently mwes service stopped and re-enabled the default and sbs internet connectors

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