Delay in mail transferring to Outlook

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Rattled Rabbit
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Delay in mail transferring to Outlook

Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:20 am

Can anyone advise me why I am having a delay of several hours or longer in mail transferring after hitting wash mail?

Here is the scenario
I have Outlook set up Deselect Schedule an automatic send and receive every ( ) minutes checkbox.

Every so often i wash mail which launches Outlook and some e-mails transfer OK which are marked as being good transfer immediately but others don't

Good example an e-mail showed in MW pro 7 as arriving at 16.28 marked it as good and have washed mail and also done send and receive several times from then on with Outlook

E-mail finally appeared in my inbox on Outlook at 23.50 even thought the received time shows email arrived at 16.28

Hope this make sense as I am losing what little hair I have with this

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