Messages without a status column value?

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Messages without a status column value?

Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:44 am

I have a LOT of filters and they work just fine about 99.9% of the time. My filtered items in both the inbox and the recycle bin are grouped by the Status column and sort on From, and the headers in both cols show the status value just fine. My filters are set up so that the very bottom one looks for a "@" and it's named "aaUnsuresTBD" which *sorts* at the top so I'll know to add a new filter or value for them. Again, this works fine.

However, from time to time, I will get messages that go straight to the recycle bin, despite having valid filters for them that would have kept them in the inbox. These items apparently don't hit a filter, but they actually are valid, which I've verified. They show in the recycle bin with NO status header at all unlike true new ones which as noted fall thru to the final aaUnsures filter. These oddballs do sort at the top, tho, but show no status name at all. Today for example, there were 22 msgs under status aaUnsures and 7 others grouped, but with nothing in the Status.

Anyone else seeing this? Is there a fix? Or even just a reason?

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Re: Messages without a status column value?

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:50 pm

Have a look at viewtopic.php?f=50&t=33492&p=135591#p135591 for a similar issue.

Any chance that you're not downloading enough of the email, and therefore the information that the filters need isn't available?
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