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POPPEEPER versus 2011

Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:40 pm

I DO understand that this is a minor "bug" in the scheme of things, so I'm not asking for any immediate fix - just please keep in mind & - hopefully - sort it out - not too much later, it's been on my - reported to Chris - "Wish List" for quite some time ! :help

Well, have I grabbed your attention? O_o

What I'm refering to is the fact that 2011 does not notice that users have opened up MWP & seen the mail there, but not read & deleted or had their e'mail program "suck it away".

This means that although I know what's there and to be dealt with on some occasion, if I shut down 2011 and return to it later, it then re-reminds me - ad nauseum - of allegedly "New" incoming mail that I already know about.

i.e. Unlike PopPeeper - which I use to scan & collect mail from my several webmail accounts - it never "learns" what I have seen but not acted on.

With Poppeeper I have about 40 e'mail messages stacked up whilst I finally decide what I want to do with them - but it ONLY indicates any TRULY NEW incoming e'mails!

I wish that 2011 programmers could fix this "annoyance" that I *can* live with, but would rather not :thumbsdown.

Unlike my primary ISP e'mail account where I NEED the filtering that 2011 provides, my various :thumbsup Hotmail accounts are very adequately filtered of trash before I get to see them.

I know this because I have set my ISP account to forward all incoming mail to Hotmail mostly to check on the filtering ability of "MicroSquelch".

The occasional Junk mail that I do see listed in 2011 does not get delivered to PopPeeper, but, being a very long time user of MWP from - was it Beta 2? - I have tagged along ever since... and am not about to "dump it" - especially after paying for "Life-time use" (At a BARGAIN price). :!:

Go to it Chris, and I hope that Ch-CH is rapidly able to resume its normal living - it was a :thumbsup beautiful city - I hope it will again be soon.

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