Missing the last MailWasher Newsletter?

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Missing the last MailWasher Newsletter?

Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:03 am

Check your spam folders! If you use an email account from your ISP or - as in my case - a web-based provider like Gmail, you need to regularly check your spam folders for false positives. They are notorious for falsely tagging good emails as spam. You need to be in the habit of checking these folders regularly because messages (good or bad) left in the spam folder (where MWP cannot grab them) are typically deleted (permanently) after a set period of time - 30 days for Gmail accounts.

Today I checked and discovered the June 2012 MailWasher Newsletter sitting in the Gmail spam folder waiting for auto-delete to flush it away. There was also a notice sent last week from my [major chain-store] pharmacy saying my refill was ready for pickup! :rant

If your ISP filters for spam (and I think most do), check your webmail accounts online too. I have Cox Communications and by default ( :mad :rant :mad ) they enable their spam filters to automatically dump the spam into web-based spam folders you cannot "POP" from. You have to log into each webmail account individually, navigate to each spam folder, and check for any false positives (a real PITA with 10 email addresses). Fortunately, after much ado, Cox provided much needed opt-out options.
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