Unable to pick up mail from ISP or delete trash

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Unable to pick up mail from ISP or delete trash

Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:34 am

I had been having a problem with MWP (MW Pro V 1.20.0) either not connecting to my ISP or if it connected, downloading the emails from the server. At the same time, I would try to wash the mail and was unable to make a new connection to do that. A short explanation on how I use MWP: I leave it off unless I want to check mail. I then start MWP and download all the mail currently waiting on the ISP server. Then I mark anything I don't want that isn't already marked and run the wash. I then shut down MWP until the next time I want to run it. This is usually about once a day. I was trying to find any reason for MWP having the connection problems when it dawned on me I was having the same problem when I started T-bird! So... I contacted AT&T, my ISP (U-verse DSL), and was told they were having problems with their servers. No up front explanation, you had to ask! Typical of AT&T, but since I'm a retired AT&T employee, I'm not about to find another provider, they could never match what I pay.

Anyway, if you also use AT&T, and you've been having the same login problems, now you know why.
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