A note to people who use CCleaner

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Re: A note to people who use CCleaner

Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:56 am

Well said,i seem to have seen this on other sites as well.There are others you haven't listed.
While it is true there are many alternatives to CCleaner, that does not mean they are safe to use. Sadly, many cleaners are not safe which is exactly why many users say, "don't use them" to the entire category of utilities.

Some are way too aggressive and end up removing critical system and program files. Some use intimidating scare tactics, identifying 1000s and 1000s of "problems" in an almost hostile attempt to get users to pay for their "Premium versions to clean up their computers. Some make hollow promises to make their computers run "better than new". And many make aggressive changes without making backups first. And some are flat out scams and malicious. :mad:

In fact, IMO, the biggest reason CCleaner became and remains so popular, trusted and by far, the leading Windows cleaning program is that it is safe, not too aggressive (this is critical!), and it is under constant development to ensure it remains compatible and to ensure if there are any bugs (which is inevitable with any program), they are quickly identified and fixed. Lets not forget the biggest "bug" or whatever you want to call it, that ever happened with CCleaner was not caused by Piriform (the CCleaner developers) but by their parent company, Avast. And it was quickly resolved too.

If you look at Baidu Cleaner and Puran-Utilities, as just two examples, it looks like Baidu Cleaner has not been updated since 2015, does not even mention Windows 10, and if you try to visit their home page, it times out! :( So are they even in business? And Puran Utilities has not been updated since June 2016. I sure would not want to run such a potentially dangerous task on my systems with such outdated programs.

For those (and more) reasons, there are only two Windows cleaning programs I recommend and personally use and that is CCleaner and Windows own built in cleaning tool, "Disk Cleanup".
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