Wishlist: MW interface to be sizeable like other software

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Wishlist: MW interface to be sizeable like other software

Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:25 pm

I've been using MW Pro for nearly 10 years.

But its interface is antiquated (I'm referring to its behaviour when resizing it).

There is a fantastic piece of software called DisplayFusion, it works with every single piece of software I have, except MW !

What it enables you to do is to automatically resize your software interface and be positioned anywhere you'd like it to, on single or multiple monitor setups - at a click of a button (you add custom 'resize' buttons to the title bar and they appear on every interface in your desktop, by the 'minimize', 'maximise' and 'close' buttons at the top right).

Mailwasher is quite antiquated in that regard in that you can only manually change its size and that is tedious.

Please can you at least update your software so that as far as interface is concerned (i.e. resizing it), it behaves like 99% of all other Windows Software ?

Thank you :)

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