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MailWasher Pro 7

Postby rkleaman Sat May 28, 2016 4:52 am

On my computer, MailWasher Pro 7 starts when the computer boots into MS Win7. When there is email to review, another small icon blinks in the task bar on the right side. A click to the large MailWasher icon in the taskbar brings MailWasher to the front where all new emails are viewed. Now, if there are spam and/or garbage emails, these should marked as such. When all emails, both good & bad are marked (classified), left click the Check Mail icon and MailWasher will sort the emails into good and bad and place all the good emails together and the bad emails at the bottom of the list. Firstly, left click on the first bad email to highlight it. Secondly, place cursor on the very last bad email, hold down the CTRL key and do a left click to select all bad emails. Thirdly, left click the Bounce icon first and then the Blacklist icon. When these two actions, Bounce and Blacklist are selected in this particular order, it is not necessary to reselect any bad email and all will be bounced and blacklisted when the Wash Mail icon is left clicked. For me, this is the best way that I found to use MailWasher.

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