SORTED..Unknown Error

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SORTED..Unknown Error

Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:52 am

[quoteDescription: An unknown error has occurred. MailWasher is unable to determine the cause of this error.

Diagnosis: <EVENT><NAME>MWPEXCEPTION</NAME><ID>426cbf349bc9632fa30a3de689945e3e</ID><DT>2017-10-04 19:38:58</DT><MWPEXCEPTION><UID>Exception 9e8d81aabfefca78d5c2270160305c60</UID><AID>Acct289921478</AID><SOURCE>MWPfetch::FetchThread()</SOURCE><MESSAGE>Unknown error</MESSAGE><ADDXML></ADDXML></MWPEXCEPTION><ORDINAL>16</ORDINAL></EVENT>


Had Win 10 crash and one email account will not respond as above pop3,other ten mail accounts are fine,any suggestions thanks,I repaired mailwasher am on the latest update....

Must have been a corrupted email account,I deleted the email account and entered a new one and all seems to work fine now. (This was caused by bug in Win 10 .64bit ,many users are experiencing this where windows freezes (Keyboard-Mouse and screen) everything locks up and you have to do a button restart ..
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