IMAP delete fails.

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IMAP delete fails.

Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:23 am

MailWasher fails to delete marked emails for both Yahoo and Gmail accounts set up as IMAP. I use Thunderbird on Windows 10 to retrieve email from both a Desktop at home and a laptop when away. After washing TB pulls in emails that were deleted by MW.

I want to see "new" emails on both the Desktop and Laptop. If set to IMAP on TB then they will be read on TB before MW has a chance to process them. But in desperation I've set my heavy Yahoo to POP and Gmail account to MAPI on TB but the MW delete does not keep TB from getting them even they are both MAPI on MW. Yahoo (POP) on TB is set to "Leave messages on server" so I can see emails already read by laptop and desktop.

I've even tried unchecking the setting in TB "Allow immediate server notifications when new messages arrive" and putting TB on offline mode but emails that should have been deleted by MW still show in the TB inbox/folder when I "Get Messaages". I'm really confused why MW when set as MAPI does not delete emails. The "Move deleted messages into folder" is not checked in Yahoo and checked to go to Trash in Gmail and that does not help.

If someone can help me with Yahoo, Gmail, MW, and TB settings that would be great because now I don't see the benefit in using MW to delete emails. Months ago as POP3 it all used to work.

Yes, I've tried deleting MW cache/crypto files and renaming the .db3 files and that did not help. And I've deleted the Yahoo account and recreated in MW too.

THX, nick

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