Spammer using my address as sender!

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Spammer using my address as sender!

Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:52 am

I getting hit by spam that appears to be originating from my address as the sender. There is text added that looks like it's from a novel to make it harder to detect the content of the spam. Since I often email myself from my smart phone, I don't want to blacklist my own address. All of the recent spam has the following line in the header properties:

"Received: from ( [])"

Here is an example of one I received recently:

Go: <>

Yours 4everr, Shwanee Weeg

Hallward had painted of him. He started back as if in surprise.

Professionally and personally, the notary was a popular citizen.
Bethania med de tolv.
And thus was all the noise appesed.

N.... of the past, not with the N..... who was struggling upward.

How do I filter this crap out?

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Re: Spammer using my address as sender!

Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:32 am

They have been doing that for years. I filter them out with my machine name or when traveling with my IP number.
If you look at the header of a mail you send to yourself, you see YOUR equivalent of this:
Received: from ([66.222.1**.***)
Webby5 is the machine name, 66... is the IP number.
Just make a filter,
IF the FROM contains [your address] and the ENTIRE HEADER does not contain [your machine name} or [your IP number], then delete the mail automatically, without showing it in the list.
Your entire header looks like used pizza, You can get your IP number instantly at Don't worry, no ads there, just your IP number.
You can use EITHER your machine name OR your IP number. Use whichever you prefer.
That filter must have deleted a few Million spams sent towards me since 1997. It is 100% reliable.
Have FUN!

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