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Trouble With Updating

Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:34 am

"There is no doubt that the department shop consumer is Generally a bit more upscale than the user who shops other channels," said Dave McIlquham, vice president of marketing for Sealy. "Those customers also tend to be faithful to the department stores they shop, which makes it a very important channel of distribution for us"

Store loyalty accounts for much of the bedding Enterprise Done at department stores, according to John Wascoe, bedding buyer for Carson Pirie Scott in Milwaukee, Wisc.. Many clients visit department stores to shop not only product categories but to shop the department shop name. This, together with the number of customers who are loyal to a particular new of futon mattress, makes department stores a channel for manufacturers, he added. To find out the best king size futon mattress, you have to take into consideration some key factors, read here: url

"[Store loyalty] matches our niche extremely well," Explained Wascoe. "We will, nevertheless, use the manufacturers on our floor to do some solo mailings to target a better end customer that may not always be a new loyal customer to people "

The Foster & Stearns lineup, by Way of Example, accounts for about 30 percent of overall bedding sales at Carson Pirie Scott, which also conveys Simmons Connoisseur lines along with the Sealy Crown Jewel.

"I think the biggest chance for bedding manufacturers Right now is [accorded] by the expansion in queen sets priced above $799," Wascoe said. "Now, that business accounts for more than 63 percent of our business."

Given the strong tendency toward higher price points around the Board in the bedding industry are counting on department stores to continue to raise the bar and educate consumers.

"There's comfort in the department store's Reputation," explained Don Hofmann, vice president of advertising for Simmons. "They've been in existence for a very long time and they have consistently provided service in top end products. They have a reputation to be dependable, and that gives them an image that suits our luxury lines."

By appealing to target consumers with end A store picture plus merchandise, department stores have become, paradoxically, luxury superstores. The large just keep getting bigger and, much like Federated and May Co., continue to build national store names, McIlquham stated.

"There has been an unprecedented Quantity of consolidation in Retail within the previous ten decades," McIlquham said. "As a result, there are fewer department shops today, and they are controlled by bigger companies that are placing a greater emphasis on the furniture category. That ends up being good for the bedding industry."

"The channels have changed dramatically," said Larry McKay. "There are fewer department stores today than there were 20 decades ago, and those that are left have grown tremendously."

Department stores accounted for roughly 11, just this past year Percentage of total sales in furniture. Additionally, a number of department stores are beginning to devote centers to the furniture category.

"I think department stores remain one of the most important Sockets for bedding earnings," said Tim Close, director of communications for Serta. "They have stood the test of time in offering a very strong place for our goods to be marketed."

"In general, we're seeing a lot of shops going to gallery style formats," he continued. "They're trying to make the environment for the bedding section more favorable, because consumers are often uncomfortable when shopping for bedding. A lot of department stores have recognized this and have made alterations in the manner that they format and floor the bedding section. It's an issue of getting the bedding section keep pace with all the other departments in the shop."


Limited screen space makes merchandising in department stores so catchy, says Simmons' Hofmann with distance, a category will be emphasized. "Some bedding departments tend to look somewhat bare," he said.

"I think there is enormous opportunity for department Shops to present bedding at a more visually appealing way," Hofmann adds. "They could romance it a bit more, because for clients who wish to learn more about luxury bedding, it seems natural that the department store could be among the first places they would look. They just expect to find it there."

Some department stores work with what space they have. Macy's East, by way of example, has produced a sense of consistency when moving to the bedding region that was modest. Even though there isn't much space dedicated to bedding, the store employs lighting and color to produce the transitions natural. When the customer arrives at the bedding department, merchandise is nicely spaced and uncluttered. Read about futon mattress reviews here:

"In many cases, the department shop wants the bedding area To tie into the appearance of the entire design, so they tend not to be as elaborate as other channels of supply," McKay said. "But on the flip side, the ambiance of this department store is a great setting for the mattresses. Consumers walk into a department store and they generally feel comfortable with the atmosphere."

Characteristics an surroundings, like shop loyalty, and Price points appear to be giving them a leg up on the contest, although better quality product may help department shops establish an effective niche.

Lately, more department stores and more are currently discovering Ways to discount luxury bedding to maintain their share of this ultra competitive mattress market.

"It's true that furniture stores and sleep chains have produced Some department stores much more competitive with pricing," Close said. "The reduced costs ensure that when somebody goes to store a significant department store's bedding department, they are not always going through sticker shock"

"They see a few merchandise and price ranges Which Are within What they're looking for," he added. "The department store shopper is more of a destination buyer, who might spend a little more to make a purchase at his or her shop of selection."

But does ignoring luxury bedding effect the image of this category? Bloomingdale's, for example, runs end bedding promotions twice a year. This, based on Close, is a time honored way of doing business in the industry, one which doesn't reflect on the newest image or the ethics of end solutions.

"Promoting upper end bedding is just a given in section Stores," he offered. "And this is something which happens across the board. Marshall Field's, by way of instance, does their 50 to 70 percent off everything sale, which is run in most instances to bring in a wider selection of individuals."

"When someone is exposed to the quality of the purchasing Experience at a department store, it is likely they'll be hooked into being a regular shopper " he continued. "And that happens with the departments; it is only an issue of retail."

Because department shops spend much of their time targeting a Very specific, upscale client, the tendency in higher priced bedding is a natural angle for them, McIlquham stated. "Consumers' expectations about the mattress group are different when they go to a department store," he explained. "And I think the stores have become pretty good at meeting those expectations."

"Department stores are a very, very important channel for The upscale bedding industry," said McKay. "They provide Lots of Credibility to the assortments they offer, and also to the sector as well."
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Re: Trouble With Updating

Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:03 pm

riocante wrote:Hi

I'm running MW pro V 2012 1.7.0. When I click on "check for updates" I receive the following message - "Invalid or missing updates configuration file. The first line of the INI file should be ";aiu;". It is possible that the content on the sever does not match the updates configuration fileURL".

Think I have missed a couple of updates because of this problem?

Look forward to the answer to this problem
If you go into Settings >> General >> Updates >> click the link Go To Folder >> in here delete the file updates.aiu >> try again.

If that still fails, which security software do you use ? There was an issue a while ago with Vipre AntiVirus, which I thought was now resolved.

Failing that, you could just download and install the latest from

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