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Only 18 days left on my trial. I have a non-techno question or two. ty

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:47 pm
by jackdashack
My question is simple.

It is apparent that everyday using MailWasher that I have to do work that I would normally do with just the Gmail account alone.

The same entities ( demonic I think :) ) Send the very same emails everyday but with 1 or so different letters/numbers before the "@" or the same thing in the domain name So I have to mark them as blacklist everyday. Next day, same advert, slight different name and domain. I have to go through and mark them still again.

This doesn't seem to save me much more than using Gmail alone in a browser. Most of this stuff, in Gmail account, comes through the first time and never in my Inbox, only SPAM. I rarely have to deal with it more than look at the SPAM folder and delete forever.

He said, humbly, so what work is MailWasher doing for me? I mean if I'm going to pay out it should be obvious it's saving me work? Or is that a wrong assumption?

Thanks, jack ":-}