New version of MailWasher Pro 1.0.4

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New version of MailWasher Pro 1.0.4

Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:44 pm

MailWasher Pro Release 1.0.4

This is our first public release using the Automatic Update, we hope it's an enjoyable experience. The upgrade process is very seamless, just a few clicks needed.
To run the updater manually go Help >> Check for Updates,

The main changes in this version are bug fixes, addition of custom sound and ability to remove the Jean-Pierre graphic.

Change Log :
Added Custom Sound option (Settings >> General >> Notifications)
Added ability to remove Jean-Pierre graphic from startup. Checkbox in top right of graphic.
Added ability to have more than one Spam Tool rule per Custom Filter
Menu Buttons can now be reduced to 20%
Attachment column tooltip now shows
Improved Crash Report logic to prevent unnecessary reports
Improved Quick Video for low resolution
Improved Automatic Updater so it runs 60 seconds after boot or returning from sleep
Improved cleanup for 'Logs' folders and mwpstart.dat
Improved Quick Display drop downs so they now close when another drop down not in its group is opened
Improved License activation logic
Fix for passwords containing special characters
Fix for Recycle Bin Restored Indicator to save between sessions
Fix for AutoSave not being initialised.
Fix for Custom Filter screens to reflect Font size set in Quick Display
Fix for logic bug that could cause a hang on evaluation
Fix for crash in TaskBar logic
Fix for crash in Blacklist and Friends List Search
Fix for crash during License activation
Fix for crash creating Event Log entries
Fix for crash when checking more than 64 default accounts
Fix for crash when automatic download fires during full email fetch
Fix for some links in Jean-Pierre graphic not working
Misc tweaks, small fixes and other improvements

The manual download link is : ... 072010.exe

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