New MailWasher Pro Public Beta 1.0.42

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New MailWasher Pro Public Beta 1.0.42

Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:12 am

We're hopefully only a week away from releasing a full proper public version, but in the interim it's worth posting this version as it has a bunch of fixes. We're also cautious about our alterations to the FirstAlert processes both from MailWashers point of view, and the FirstAlert servers themselves. The new MailWasher had been running very well with FirstAlert for many months before these weird issues began to show, and a reliable reproduction of the issue isn't as easy as it seems.

In any case...

This is not an official full release, so the Automatic Updater will not pick up this new version. There is no requirement to uninstall the old version, it will install fine over the top and when we do a proper full official release the Automatic Updater will be fine to find the new version.

Changes Include :
New Tab and Frame theme
New colour choosers for Frame added into Settings >> Display
Added MailWasher PreLoader
Improved Startup time for MailWasherProApp.exe
Email grid now takes focus immediately so Hotkeys should work without clicking in grid first
Evaluation Timeout logic improved
FirstAlert re-enabled
FirstAlert now processes in batches of 100
FirstAlert Timeouts now 10 seconds applied to each action, SEND, RECV etc..
Fix for large email headers causing fetching to stall
Fix for evaluation hang when duplicate WASH STARTs detected
Fix for crash when AutoSave of display settings fails
Fix for crash when when date rolls over
Fix for crash when sorting
Fix for crash Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute
Fix for hanging when ABORT is called during login
Fix for the selected message to follow emails when sorted by Classification and the Classification is altered
Fix for not restarting properly when coming out of Sleep/Hibernate
Fix for Blacklist and Friends List purging most recent entries, not oldest
Fix for Custom Filters not matching on some email subjects
Fix for MailWasher showing as active program when minimised
Fix for problem matching Friends and Blacklist against some addresses
Fix for grid not updating date columns properly after midnight
Fix for grid overlapping emails
Updated Xceed DataGrid to version 3.8 (See bottom of ... ridPackage if you care)

* - The PreLoader process is a small (somewhat experimental) executable loading the .NET libraries required to start with Windows when MailWasher is set to not launch at Startup. You can currently control this under Settings >> General >> Application.
None : Nothing launches when Windows starts
Optimize startup of MailWasher : Adds MailWasher PreLoader to startup
Launch when Windows starts up : MailWasher will launch with Windows as normal.

Download Link : ... 112010.exe

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